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You Don't Need Permission to Be You

There are many times in our lives when we are drawn to do something, but feel we need to ask for permission. We learn from the time we are little kids that the authority figures in our lives, like our parents and teachers, want us to ask for permission because they know better than we do what our choices can lead to. Challenging them or doing what we want when we don’t have their permission, is considered a form of misbehavior. This can be risky, since in most cases, these are the people who are charged with keeping us safe, fed, and warm.

As we grow up and hear our own voices, those voices from childhood are commonly ingrained in our internal programming. This includes the rules, the choices, and the opinions of someone other than self. For many people, their own voice gets buried. When this happens, there is still some part of ourselves that feels the need to get permission. This experience often causes discomfort, restlessness, and sometimes self-defeating rebellion.

In my practice as a psychic/medium, I see this struggle regularly. I find myself hearing the voice of the person who can’t hear their own. I see the potential and the possibilities. I find that I’m hopeful that in sharing what I’m receiving, it will serve as a catalyst for change or a moment of breakthrough.

Sometimes, I just want to say… “You don’t need permission to be you.

All that you are is unique. There is no other you in the world. Claim you. Be you."

Checking in with those that you love and respect about your choices is an important part of being in a healthy relationship. However, letting what another person thinks, drive your decisions, can keep you from experiencing the wonder of all that you are.

When you find yourself asking for approval or permission to be or do something that you know is part of your destiny, think twice. Do you feel like you need permission to be you? Listen for the still small voice inside of you. It is the wisest voice of all.

I’m always happy to help you. What I see can be very meaningful, but it is up to you to embrace all that you are and claim your personal independence.

I wish you that permission. I wish you that independence. With all my heart.




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