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It's Okay to Have Fun!

Okay, so we’ve all heard that laughter is the best medicine…right?! But, honestly (I’m serious, be honest with yourself) how often do you prioritize fun in your life? With all of the serious events going on in the world and all the many ways those serious events come into our awareness, I really do think that most of us have a hard time making fun a priority. So many of us are walking around with a laundry list of things “to-do” while replaying past conversations that triggered feelings, while trying to figure out what someone is expecting!

When we finally prioritize having some fun, those simple moments like laughing with friends, playing a board game, watching a silly movie, or just getting out into the fresh air, are soooo good for us. In the act of lightening up, we move our bodies, give our minds a break and fill up our hearts.

Think about this… when you move your body, you release endorphins, those awesome “feel good naturally” chemicals produced by your nervous system to help you cope with pain or stress. When you play games, you stimulate your brain, enhance your problem-solving skills, and again relieve stress. And, when you watch a silly movie and laugh, this act boosts your immunity, improves blood flow, lowers stress hormones, relaxes your muscles, decreases pain and more!

So… my dear friends and clients, take advantage of the summer months while they are here! Move, laugh, play! Take that trip! Go to that concert! Have that gathering! I’m committed to having more fun this year, and I sure do hope that you will too! Life is too short to waste any of it.




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