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Word Energy: What I Say to Me

As exciting as it is to bring in a New Year, there are many people who tend to be really hard on themselves in January. With a New Year beginning, many have resolved to exercise more, lose weight, quit smoking, spend less money, along with other key life changes. While almost always well intended, resolutions can become a hotbed for self judgement. In fact, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve heard my clients talk harshly to or about themselves in the process.

Just like we seek to monitor our tone when we are talking to others, particularly children, it is so important to pay attention to the tone of the words you say to yourself. While we might find ourselves tapping into our inner “drill-sergeant” to get or stay motivated, being harsh rarely gets us where we want to go.

It takes courage to follow through on decisions that are tough but are ultimately for your own good. It, also, however, takes courage to be willing to listen to the energy of how you speak to yourself. Is your tone kind? Are your words empowering? Are you clear on what really motivates you over the long haul?

Taking care of yourself is an act of kindness. Being good to yourself as you make changes that are good for you is also an act of kindness. Both tend to lead to better, stronger, and more consistent outcomes.

Know that just like those I serve, I too, find myself needing to pay attention to the energy of what I say to me. While being tough might get me on my feet, it doesn’t usually keep me there. Self-love is a much stronger motivator in the long haul.

Here’s to our decisions to take good care of ourselves in 2023!




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