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Purple Buds

Group Readings
A truly Engaging Experience!

Are you part of a group of individuals who would like to experience psychic or mediumship readings together?  Donna has been providing group readings for many years now and has witnessed amazing experiences by those gathered together to share the experience.  From families who want to connect with a shared loved one on the other side to groups of friends who want to have readings together, she has met with a variety of different types of groups. 

In Group Readings, Donna encourages questions and seeks to respond to at least one question from each person unless the group is too large. 


Group Sessions can be booked at $200 an hour.  Donna is willing to travel with separately quoted travel payment.

To express your interest and talk to Donna directly about your group, CLICK HERE to send an email. Be sure to let Donna know your location, what dates/times you are looking at, and how many people are in your group.

Group readings often activate a range of emotions – from laughter to tears! They can be highly cathartic and comforting.  It is a truly engaging experience!

Spiritual Guidance - Grief Support - Connect with Loved Ones - and More!

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