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"I went to see Donna because I was lost and did not feel that everything was okay in my life. Long story short, a few months after I saw Donna, I was diagnosed with a blood cancer. During my reading Donna kept referring to my blood, and that something wasn't right. This urged me to go to the hospital, turns out she was right. Donna knew about my blood disorder before the doctors. She is absolutely amazing."  - Abbey, MI

"Donna told me things that no one would know. She identified both parents, their likes, siblings, things they have done to confirm to me that she is on the right track. Donna relayed information about a close friend that has passed, identified her to a tee, spoke words that this friend had communicated to me in the past and told me who she is with, which once again was totally accurate. She told me of personality traits of my nephew-- his likes and dislikes which was completely accurate, and told what direction he will be moving in his future endeavors. This is my second time meeting with Donna and I would highly recommend her as a professional, caring and amazing individual." - Janet G., Sugar Grove IL

“I was blown away at what Donna was telling me. Things that no one but me and my close family would know she picked up and was 100% right. I will definitely be coming to you every year! Thank you for helping me at a terrible time!” – Becky, Tinley Park IL

"Amazing Accuracy! Donna was immediately able to tune in and connect to what was happening around me. For me, she predicted specific events that ended up happening within a week of my reading with her. Her compassionate and down-to-earth demeanor is comforting, and she is truly gifted. She even picked up things about my significant other, again with incredibly accuracy. Grateful for the wonderful guidance!" - Danielle B., AZ

“Regarding my family members, you were right on the money. My parents and their health situation, very accurate. About myself, helped to clarify and take worry out of my journey.”         – Sue, Fountain Hills AZ

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“Donna has always been incredibly accurate. I first met her after the passing of my nephew. She had mentioned things concerning him and his mother that I later found to be true. She also connected with my uncle who had messages for his daughters concerning their health. When I alerted my cousins about these health issues they confirmed that they were indeed struggling with these problems. I feel very comforted and lighter after having a sitting with Donna. She has been so helpful and is the cause of my improved attitude about my life events. Thank you, Donna!”  -  Linda L., Chicago IL

“Health, personalities of the names I gave were spot on!” – Lori C., Fountain Hills, AZ

"I've know Donna since the 1990s and every reading has been 98%-100% accurate. Her readings are always very helpful. She definitely is very gifted."  -Marie, Michigan

“So comforting. Accurate information.” – Tracy O., Fountain Hills AZ

I just want to say that you are Amazing! You have been blessed with such a great gift that you've been able to effectively use to go forward with and help people! You are always right on target with your readings, it's so amazing! You predicted quite a lot of things that you knew were going to happen in my life. Of course I'll keep coming back and I continue to tell others about your magnificent gift!  - Kim

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"Donna's heart and soul connects with everyone. Her compassion, love, concern and insight is beyond anyone else that I know in my life. Her ability to communicate with those that are here and those that are beyond this life is truly exceptional. I have known Donna for many decades and she has been a constant in my family's and my life. Sometimes in our lives we are fortunate to find someone who is extraordinary and in my life, this is Donna. In looking back over my words, the word "life" keeps coming up for a reason: Donna heals lives. Thank you!"       -Mary Ellen

"I want to thank you so much for the wonderful reading you did for me... Not only are your readings accurate, but very precise and deal with current issues or feelings.  No wonder you are booked up so far ahead of time!" - Patrice

"You have given us peace of mind in times where our lives decisions were overwhelming and full of turbulence. You have shared your gift with us honestly and with only the highest of intentions. This is such a rarity and we wanted you to know that we feel blessed with the amount of time and efforts you have given us. I can only tell you that I feel you are truly an earth angel..."    - Rob and Pam

"I wanted to thank you for the reading you did for me today. I am truly grateful at the opportunity to connect with my father-in-law. My husband is sure to take comfort in your message for many years to come. I look forward to receiving the recording so I can re-hear the messages from today. I thank you again for sharing your gift."  - Amanda

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"I would like to thank you for all the years of readings, I look back on the 15 years and its really amazing how you can see things. You have helped guide me, ease my mind and give me insight on so many things in my life."  - Joanne

"I just wanted to thank you for the reading you did for me. I am so amazed with how much you knew and I never told you a thing... You have given me the peace needed and I appreciate that." - Lora

"Donna, you are truly blessed and should be grateful that you can share your talents with others as our spiritual mediator. My plans for the future are to continue using your services as I move forward." -Karen, Charleston SC

"I just wanted to take a moment to write you and tell you what your reading has meant to me and my sister. I shared the information you'd given me with her and she was also amazed. 
Knowing she (mother) knew we were there caring for her and was pleased with all the decisions we made for her gives us both such relief. It's everything knowing that my mother is flying free but more importantly pain free. There was such significant meaning in everything you have shared. You also told me that in the time to come things will continue to become more clear and I will tell you that the "M, Mike" name finally came to's Mieke!  She is my aunt."  -Jolanda  

"I have been to many psychics . Donna's insight and accuracy was amazing! I had the 'Channeled Reading.'  Donna was able to reach out to my family members that have passed.  All I can say was that she was extremely accurate. Great peace of mind to know everyone is still with me-- all my angels." -Liz  R. , Fountain Hills AZ

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“This is my third time getting a reading from [Donna] and its always been right on about my personal life and family. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is a skeptic. She is amazing.”  –Sofia, Tempe AZ

"I went and saw Donna in the year of 2000, shortly after a dear friend of mine (John) died. Donna described his day leading to his death. She also told me there was something about the number 7 and that he was trying to reach his daughter but can not, and asked if I would call her and let her know that He is with her because she is going through a very hard time in her life.  So after the visit with Donna I went home and called his (adult) daughter.  I told her what Donna had said and she cried, telling me that after her (step) Dad, John died, she reached out to her biological father, and that he was recently murdered ... on the 7th day of that month!    WOW!!! I was so impressed with this reading I went back to see her in 2009, after my husband (Bob) died.  Again she described my husband's last day and told me he is with a man, standing with their arms around each others shoulder and smiling.... The man he was with was someone that has one name, but I called him by another name.  At first I thought it was Bob's  best friend, Ike .... but after I left the room it dawned on me that it could have been John (I use to call him Ghost).  I went back into the room and asked Donna if it could of been John and she showed me on her scribble sheet that she had wrote 'John' .....  again,  WOW!!!"  -Janet

“Very in tune—accurate—complete with names of family members who have passed away. Very comforting. Thank you so much for letting me know that my loved one is at peace and happy.” –Kristi, Fountain Hills AZ

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