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Giving Yourself the Freedom to Be You

In July, as I contemplate what freedom means in our country, I can’t help but think about what freedom means to each of us, personally, down deep inside our own souls. So many of us find ourselves trapped inside the prisons of our self-perception and often unspoken societal expectations. Giving ourselves the freedom to be who we really are and not who others expect us to be, isn’t easy.

In my line of work, I can be subject to a great deal of judgment. And, with all that judgment, I have needed to choose to allow myself to be free to be me, again and again. Being a psychic medium, isn’t something I chose to be, it is something I was born to do. In order to be free within myself, I’ve needed to repeatedly listen to and follow my heart, whether others seek to accept me or not.

Not surprisingly, I have many clients who come to me seeking help with challenges that center around their struggle to be free to express and be who they really are. Between mass media, giving us examples of what we need to aspire to, and family expectations, which can falsely lock us in to certain identities, we find ourselves needing to really listen to ourselves and learn how to honor our own needs.

Though it sounds like a tired platitude, there is only one uniquely beautiful and valuable you. Being able to look in the mirror, into your own eyes, and respect all of what makes you, uniquely you - and embracing it, is something that I wish for you and all of the people in my life.

I encourage you to look inside at your freedom. Do you feel able to pursue your dreams? If not, are there voices from the past (or even the present) that are locking you in? When you look into your eyes, do you feel like you know who you really are and respect your uniqueness? If you struggle to feel these warm feelings, can you identify where the faulty messaging is coming from?

Freedom isn’t just an experience that is celebrated by a community, it is an experience within ourselves that deserves equal contemplation and respect. Be you. Love you. You bring a gift into the world that no other person can in the way you can. Love your edges. Rejoice in your talents. Unlock the prison doors. Give yourself the freedom to be you.


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