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You are Stronger than You Think!

Many of my clients express fatigue with all that is happening in our world. Feeling the weight of the losses... wondering what will happen tomorrow, and even today. I, too, as an empath, feel the fatigue and the pain of the losses. While I am intimately aware that we are energetic beings that don’t end when our bodies die, my heart aches for those that who hurt and I look for the strength to stay centered, grounded, and optimistic.

This all being said, one of the great gifts of being a psychic medium is how consistently I am shown the strength and resilience my clients have, even when they can’t see it. Over these many years, I’ve witnessed the tenacity and determination of my clients who have successfully marched forward with life when their loved ones have transitioned. I’ve done numerous psychic readings for clients facing tremendous challenges and seen them get clarity, make sound decisions and thrive.

There is no doubt in my mind that we are all much stronger than we realize. When push comes to shove, we move. When problems come, solutions do too. When hope seems gone, faith kicks in and carries my clients forward into a better day.

While some may feel that it is a platitude to remind you that you are stronger than you think… for me, it is a fact. I have a beautiful job that gives me a peek into places many don’t get to see. I’m a witness to the strength of the human spirit and for this, I am truly grateful.

When you’re feeling the fatigue, wondering what’s next, feeling the weight, take a moment to remember all that you’ve already overcome. Look closely at your “wins” – trust me, there are many. You ARE stronger than you may think. Make time to see this and celebrate the wonder that

is you.




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