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Looking for love can sometimes feel like getting lost in a maze created by our own barriers and perceptions. We often put too much focus on how someone looks, what they do for a living, how much money they make, or their education. While these things are all important in their own way, they can also stop us from seeing the real person we are meeting and forming a true connection.


Though somewhere in our hearts we know this, what really makes a strong relationship isn't just what someone has achieved physically, mentally, and financially; it's about sharing the same core values, having similar goals, and wanting the same things in life. It's about growing together. Often, we miss out on great people because we're too caught up in checking off certain boxes set by society.


To really find love, we need to change how we see things. We need to look past these checklists and notice what makes each person special. By changing our approach to love and giving a potential mate a chance, we open ourselves up to new experiences and create a very real opportunity to learn important life lessons.


As tough as it can be, letting love in means getting rid of these unnecessary barriers and appreciating the real connection between people. Being self-aware, knowing where your biases are, acknowledging how your past is impacting your present, and being willing to consciously decide what matters to you most can tear down walls.


When we focus on what's truly important, our hearts open up and the opportunity to experience a truly amazing and deep connection becomes ever more possible.





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