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When we lose someone dear to us, a deep chasm of grief often engulfs our lives. Our pain can sometimes blind us to the more subtle messages and signs that our loved ones are trying to send us from the other side. But take heart, for the connection between souls transcends the physical realm.


Many times, our loved ones make attempts to reach out, to comfort and to reassure us that they are still with us in spirit. It may come as a whisper, a fleeting sensation, or a synchronicity that cannot be dismissed as mere coincidence. Have you ever been lost in thought and suddenly heard your name being called softly, but when you turn around, no one is there? That might just be your loved one, reminding you that they are by your side.


It's natural to question these experiences or to dismiss them as mere figments of our imagination, especially when we are grieving. But I encourage you to open your heart and mind. Speak to them. While they might not be with us in the physical sense, their energy, their spirit, is still very much connected to ours.


By staying open, you can foster this connection. Talk to them, share your day, your dreams, and your fears. Ask questions aloud. Seek signs and, more importantly, acknowledge them when they appear. A feather on your path, a song on the radio, a sudden fragrance that brings a rush of memories – these can all be signals from beyond.


As a psychic medium, I've had the privilege of connecting countless souls, helping them find solace and understanding. Remember, love is an energy that never fades. Our loved ones may have crossed over, but they are still very much a part of our journey.


So, whenever grief strikes, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and open your heart. Your loved ones are waiting to remind you that love endures, always and forever. They are just a whisper away.





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