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Hypnotherapy for Cancer Patients

This past July, I made the decision to get certified in providing Hypnotic Intervention for Cancer Patients. I’ve been a Certified Hypnotherapist for many years now but more recently I’ve noted that there is greater awareness of how much hypnosis can help patients who are being treated for cancer.

Given the wide spectrum of clients that I meet, I thought I would use this month’s newsletter to share some insight with you on this topic. In training, I learned direct treatment methods, but in this message, I’m just going to focus on how hypnotherapy can help.

First, I think its important to clarify that hypnotherapy doesn’t treat or cure cancer but can provide great benefits to patients who are dealing with the emotions of battling cancer or who are undergoing cancer treatment.

Emotional Impact

•Anxiety, depression, fear and pain are all common emotions that cancer patients face. Hypnotherapy can help patients regulate their nervous system, calm down and relax. The reduction of agitation and upset, means that the body can use those resources in more efficient and healing ways.

•In addition to having a positive impact on the patient’s emotions, hypnotherapy is cost-effective and does not require expensive technology.

Treatment Side Effects

•In addition to the nausea and pain that can result from chemotherapy, there are many patients who are afraid of needles and the different procedures that are used while medical care is being provided. Hypnotherapy can zone in on fear and anxiety around needles, hospital settings, medical procedures and more, and help patients self-regulate their nervous system before, during and after these interactions take place.

I know that cancer patients face a truly difficult journey when they are diagnosed with this dis-ease. Anything that I can do to make their experience softer and easier, I want to do.

If you know someone who is going through this battle, please keep my services in mind for them. I’m happy to offer a 50% reduction on my normal hypnosis session fee (normally $130) if you want to refer them. If you do, fill out the form using the link below. I’ll send you a unique discount code for your person with a sample email that you can send to them letting them know what is available to them.

On a more personal note, I want to thank all the many folks who I had the chance to provide services for this summer. I met new clients, reconnected with previous clients, and was able to continue supporting those who book regularly. I’m blessed to do work that I love, and it is because of all of you! Thank you!



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