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The Value of Past Life Regression

More recently I’ve had several people ask me about the work that I do with Past Life Regression. This has been particularly related to Past Love Lives. In thinking about this, I thought it might be helpful to offer a little insight on how Past Life Regression readings work and why they are often meaningful to those individuals who request them.

Given the depth and complexity of many of our relationships, with others, with ourselves, with the world around us, it can be truly helpful to recognize how a past life (or lives) are influencing or impacting your present life.

As an example, you may have fears or phobias that are disruptive and may even prevent you from having the experiences that you want. You may have gone through traumatic experiences and carry grief that hasn’t yet been processed. You may feel an affinity for a country you’ve never been too or feel connected to someone you just met. Past life experiences not only become part of your life now, they can be seen in your habits, desires, and emotions in all different parts of your current life.

When doing a Past Life Regression reading, as a Certified Hypnotherapist, I begin with asking you questions about things that are happening in your life now and the reasons you want to do a regression. Once in the hypnotic state, the doors can open to your soul level memories. Just like when I do a reading as a Medium, I never know for sure what will show up, but trust that what is meant to be seen and heard (and in this case remembered) is what will come through.

When considering a reading for Past Love Lives, understanding your history with someone you love or desire (or completely struggle with!) can lead to a powerful turning point in learning the reasons for what you are feeling and what actions you can take to address those feelings.

While there is no way to know what past life memories you can access until we do the session, respecting your soul’s readiness is vital to the experience. It can be truly empowering to see the underlying connections and history. Often, I’ve seen this insight lead my client to a sense of understanding and peace that improves the quality of their lives.

Just like any other reading, your openness, your potential skepticism, your readiness is something that should be contemplated before scheduling a session. When you are ready, however, it is always a privilege to take you into those spaces that can open-up your life.

Should you have questions about this, let me know. I appreciate every opportunity you give me to provide you affirming insight.




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