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"I truly love what I do. 

It is rewarding to help people on their life's journey."

DONNA HUTCHINSON (formerly Donna Zakosky / the fix-it-shop) is a compassionate and experienced Psychic-Medium based out of the Detroit, Michigan Area. She conducts readings for clients all over the world in-person, by phone, Zoom or Skype. For 30+ years, she has helped her clients experience healing by... providing needed connections with loved ones who have passed, helping police find missing persons, assisting with paranormal events, using her deep compassion and abilities to help individuals cross over and others to move through trauma and loss.  Donna is devoted to expanding her knowledge and ability to promote healing. Throughout the year she also visits different states scheduling individual and group appointments and appearing at events. She has a deep understanding of WHERE HEALING BEGINS.

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“Donna relayed information about a close friend that has passed, identified her to a tee, spoke words that this friend had communicated to me in the past and told me who she is with, which once again was totally accurate. This is my second time meeting with Donna and I would highly recommend her as a professional, caring and amazing individual."

Janet, Sugar Grove, Illinois

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