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Surrender. Acceptance. Discovery

“Surrender and accept that whatever is happening in the moment,

the Universe is working on your behalf.” - Mastin Kipp

I love this quote… but the truth is sometimes it’s just downright difficult to surrender and accept what is happening. The truth of what this writer is saying, however, doesn’t fall short on me.

As many of you know, last month my business Facebook page was hacked. In just one day I went from connecting with more than a thousand people a day to less than I could count on one hand. The drop was so dramatic. At first, I had no idea what was happening. It took one of my best friends sending me a pic of “my page” taken over by someone else for me to realize what had happened.

Though we think the hack has now been cleared, the process to regain the momentum I once had is really slow and frustrating. The way Facebook works (using algorithms) means that you have to rebuild your following again. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt violated and not wanted to accept what happened. And yet, in the big picture of life, I realize there are so many situations happening in our world that are of far greater consequence.

These past few years have created so many challenging and sometimes downright heartbreaking situations and events, for so many of us. We all have had those moments where we have needed to learn to surrender and accept what is happening. We’ve questioned the Universe. And, sometimes we’ve realized that the Universe was indeed working on our behalf.

Learning to accept the hills and valleys of life, isn’t easy. Learning how to watch for the blessings in the midst of the storms, isn’t easy. Finding the value inside of a tragedy can feel impossible. But no matter how much we struggle, there is no doubt that it is absolutely essential for us to learn how to let go when letting go is the only way we are going to find peace and be able to move on.

This reminds me of a little story my friend told me the other day. She was telling me about her Labrador puppy and how she discovered that when her puppy grabbed something she didn’t want her to have, she would pull and the puppy would pull back even harder. She said that she finally realized that the only way to get her puppy to let go was simply to stop pulling.

Surrender. Acceptance. Discovery. Know that I’m wishing you all a beautiful 2022 filled with moments of all of this and more.




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