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Sowing Your Dream Seeds

I love working in my garden. Seriously. Its such a good time to think and dream.

While I was watering the garden the other day, thinking about the seeds I planted and witnessing the growth, I found myself thinking about how we sow our dream seeds. Having dreams is a really important part of life. We all need to have things we are reaching for, that excite us, that keep us motivated, that give us hope when we’re having a down day. Equal to the importance of having dreams, however, is protecting them and nurturing them.

As I was reflecting on this, I thought about what I’ve learned about dreams in the past 20 plus years and here is what came up for me.

• I would tell myself to be very careful with who I shared my dreams with.

Just like there is a shell that protects the tiny seed so that the elements can’t destroy it before it has the chance to take root, we need to protect our dream seeds.

As much as we want to have others encourage us, we never know exactly how someone is going to hear our dreams. Sharing it with someone who has earned your trust, is one thing… sharing it with someone who hasn’t yet earned your trust is another. No one needs a nervous Nelly or a Debbie downer, trying to crack the shell before the seed has a chance to get settled in.

• I would tell myself to make time to create the conditions needed for my dream to come true.

Just like a seed needs good soil to grow, so do your dreams. I’ve met plenty of people who have a dream, but less who really make time to create a good solid place for it to grow.

If you are constantly distracted and don’t feel able to devote time to your dreams, your soil won’t be rich. If you are constantly negating your dream by saying you want it but at the same time expressing your doubt that it will ever happen for you, well, there is definitely a lack of nutrients in your dream’s soil. Your time matters. Your commitment matters. Your words matter and your belief matters even more. Find or make good soil.

• I would tell myself to get inspired.

We all know that planted seeds need sunshine, rain, and weeding. Inspiration is sunshine to our dreams in that it gives us new ideas. Inspiration is rain as it feeds our existing ideas. And, inspiration is weeding, as we get to learn from others what they did to help their seeds grow.

While you may not want to tell the world about your dreams too early, you definitely want to make a space for your dreams to come into reality and witness other people sowing their dream seeds.

So that’s the wisdom I would share with my younger self and love sharing with YOU.

Dream dear clients! Sow those dream seeds!

Happy gardening!




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