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Uncertainties, Crossroads, And… What We Want to Feel

When life's uncertainties and crossroads trigger feelings of confusion, fear, and anxiety, we look for ways to find clarity and peace of mind. While there are many reasons people request psychic readings, much of the time, it is because there is a need for help in navigating life's foggy patches.


Recently I decided to offer specialty readings and found myself thinking about what each person wants to feel after a reading with me. While I can’t control what comes through, I care deeply about my client’s experience. As I release these new session options, I thought I would share some of my observations and what I hope for as a provider.


For example, love life readings are often focused on making relationship decisions that lead to hope, passion, and ways to make meaningful connections with potential life partners.  When I read for a client seeking insight after a divorce, the emotional turmoil is clear. The need for closure creates a need for understanding and peace about the new chapter ahead.


Similarly, when facing the loss of a loved family member, most are seeking comfort; yearning to know their loved one is at peace; and hoping to bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual realms.


Career uncertainties also prompt many to turn to psychic guidance. Whether it's the risk of job loss or the contemplation of a significant career shift, the quest for reassurance and foresight into the future is a common motive. A reading often leads to clarity and a feeling of confidence needed to make informed decisions, offering a roadmap in times of professional turmoil.


Illness and medical mysteries drive individuals to seek answers beyond the conventional. When traditional medicine doesn't provide the answers, a psychic reading can offer hope and alternative perspectives, sometimes pointing towards paths less explored.


Curiosity about what the future holds—be it in love, career, or personal wellbeing—draws people in, wanting to have a sense of what lies ahead.  This insight can help them feel empowered and ready for whatever is to come.


The outcomes of these readings can be truly transformative. Individuals often leave readings with a sense of peace, closure, and reassurance. They gain the confidence to face what's ahead, equipped with newfound clarity and hope. Ultimately, many leave with a plan of action, ready to navigate life's uncertainties with a steadier heart and a clearer mind.


Every time I do a reading, I pray for the opportunity to help my clients experience the feelings they are most seeking. And, I feel sincere gratitude for the trust that is placed in me!





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