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Trying to Make a Decision? 4 Important Considerations

In my work, I receive many requests for readings from individuals who need to make a decision and are looking for help in making them. There is no doubt that some decisions are really tough. There are, however, always 4 important considerations that I encourage my clients to ask themselves…

1. Are you making this decision for yourself or someone else? Sometimes the answer to this question can get a bit fuzzy. When we care for, and about other people, it is easy to become quite invested in the decisions that need to be made. We may feel the need to please someone. We may feel that their needs outweigh ours. That being said… there is great value in asking and answering this question as authentically as possible, while being willing to take care of your own needs.

2. If the decision is for you, what do you really want? Even in the midst of conflicting desires, or confusing situations, we usually know more about what we really want than we allow ourselves to recognize. During readings, I feel into the energetic spaces of possibilities. Often, I get a sense of what a decision will lead to “in the long haul” and this can be helpful. Still, I encourage you to listen to yourself carefully.

3. If it is for others… If you can, have you asked them what they want? When you discover that the decision needed is for others (not including children or dependent adults), it becomes essential to either refrain from taking on the decision-making responsibility or take an active role in asking questions to help another do this for themselves.

4. If it is for others and you can’t ask themwhat other decisions have you witnessed this person make that would help you decide what actions you should take? Are you able to look at the needs of the situation from their perspective?

As I shared above, when I’m asked for psychic help, I feel into the situation to see what is coming and share the impressions I’m getting. When I’m doing a mediumship reading and decisions are needed on behalf of loved ones who have passed, I work to serve as a conduit to gather insight to help you make a decision. In both settings, I am honored to have the opportunity to help you and will always encourage you to recognize the wisdom you have within.


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