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The Power of the "Pause" Button

With August now in full swing, the pace is starting to pick up. School shopping. Planning for homeschooled kids. Figuring out schedules. Squeezing in one last summer trip. Even if you don’t have kids in school, the pace of everyone around you impacts you. It is easy to find your mind racing. The need to be able to press the “pause” button of life becomes essential for your well-being.

In my work, I encounter many clients who are racing through their lives. I see the power of the “pause” button all the time. I see how much value my clients experience when they… meditate; take a nap; say “no” when they are overwhelmed; practice gratitude; take deep breaths; practice good sleep hygiene; do restorative yoga; turn off their phones or limit all the notifications coming in. They recognize that taking time to pause isn’t a hard stop. It is a healthy recognition that they are human and making time to press the pause button is highly beneficial.

As a gentle reminder here are 10 good reasons why there is so much power in the “pause” button… 1) better overall mental health; 2) increased concentration and memory; 3) healthier immune system; 4) reduced stress; 5) improved mood; 6) better metabolism; 7) stronger relationships; 8) increased productivity; 9) boosted creativity; 10) enhanced decision-making abilities.

When you recognize the power you have to take care of yourself gently and allow yourself to take a break from the busy pace of life, you have the opportunity to feel the possibilities of all that can be born inside a moment of simply being.

Remember to hit PAUSE. Be good to you.


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