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The ABC's of Gratitude

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” Eckhart Tolle

While this quote contains great wisdom, we all have moments when feeling grateful is easier said than done. Life isn’t easy or simple much of the time. We all have challenges, complex relationships, and barriers to overcome. Life delivers days that are good, and days that don’t feel good at all.

That being said, the energy of gratitude is a powerful way to turn a not good day into a better one. Changing the direction of the day takes effort and a solid intention. There is a simple little practice, though, that can really help… AND November is the perfect month to share it.

I like to call this game, “The ABC’S of Gratitude!” You can do it alone, with another person or with a group.

Here’s how it works…

Using the alphabet, ask yourself or the person you are with, to name one thing (or person, place, experience) that they are grateful for, that starts with the letter “A”. Examples of a response could be, “I am grateful for Authenticity.” Or “I am grateful for my Animal.” Or I am grateful for “Anchovies.” (Anchovies, really?! LOL!)

Next, name something or someone you are grateful for, that starts with the letter B. If you are playing the game with a partner, ask that they take the letter “B.” When they are done, switch it back to you, for letter “C.” Keep going back and forth (as quickly as you can) and find words that describe your gratitude, until you’ve gone through the entire alphabet. If you are in a group, decide who will start the game, and then go around the circle, again, as quickly as you can.

While this game may seem really simple and perhaps silly, its amazing how quickly your energy will shift as you start acknowledging the good that already exists in your life. There is no doubt, that even when life is terribly challenging, there is so much to be grateful for.

May Your November be truly filled with Thanks Giving!

With Gratitude, Donna


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