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Accept, Release & Let Go

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Accepting what we can’t control is always difficult.

The harder we work to take control of what has already happened, the more our focus on what we can control gets lost or ignored. This includes our faith in a greater power and understanding that we are moving through a major energetic shift into a time where we are all more consciously awake.

Despite all that has transpired, I really do believe that everything is going to be okay. The upheaval we are experiencing right now will not last forever. When I provide readings and give messages to those who come to me for help, I hear this regularly.

I receive messages that acknowledge the pain of our unforeseen losses, and how difficult many of these situations have been to bear, without being able to experience closure in a healthy way. Within these same messages, however, I also receive words of reassurance and encouragement. This includes prompts to encourage my clients to make themselves available for messages from their loved ones.

I encourage you to allow yourself the opportunity to feel a sense of hope. Acceptance is the first step. Releasing our desire to control that which we cannot, creates new space in our lives. When we let go, we free ourselves to welcome in brighter days.


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