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Soul Clearing: Make Space for Joy!

There is no doubt that many of us are getting excited for Spring. Fresh air. Green grass. Birds singing. Flower buds forming. Spring cleaning. What a beautiful time of year! A time for renewal. A time for joy! When we think about making space for joy in our physical homes, it is equally important for us to consider how we can make space for joy in our psychic homes. As energetic beings, our spiritual and emotional bodies can become as cluttered and dusty as our physical homes. Today, I’d like to offer you a few thoughts on how you can move through a soul clearing and make space for joy in the wellspring of your life this beautiful season… Consider what emotional baggage you are holding onto. While holding onto old emotional wounds is a normal part of life, these wounds almost always become toxic over time and can be disruptive and unhealthy. Though it is natural to keep the memories of these wounds alive as a way of protecting yourself, they become emotional baggage. The energy we expend in this process, keep us locked into patterns of behavior the prevent us from taking chances and having new experiences. Make room for growth. Imagine trying to grow a garden in an outside storage area. While you might find a few open places with spaces to grow something new, the soil would likely be under nourished and sunlight would be minimal. We make room for growth by letting go of what no longer serves us and by actively choosing what we give our time and attention to. Are you spending time in settings and with people who are good for your soul? What do you give you attention to? Does it bring you joy? Move your body. Movement is essential not just for your body but also for your spirit and your mind. Some of the most effective ways to make space for joy, is to go for a walk, plant a garden, have a picnic, play with your dog in the sunlight, or roll around the living room floor with your children or grandchildren. When we move our bodies, we move the energy around us and this helps us clear space for joy. Give yourself the gift of spring cleaning your psychic space and experience soul clearing!

March Special: Soul Clearing Reading For those individuals who would like help with this important internal work, I am offering a special 17% off Soul Clearing Reading for the month of March. Click HERE to learn more about this and schedule a session if it feels right to your soul. Know that I appreciate every opportunity I am given to be of service to you and your well-being. Life is meant to be filled with joy! Warmly, Donna


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