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Seeds of Peace

As we all prepare for Springing Forward in a few days, there is no doubt that there is much weighing on our minds and in our hearts. Our heartfelt concern for the people of Ukraine. Questions as to what this means to all of us on a global scale. Yet, also, the excited stirrings of spring, warm weather, and outside fun activities. For those of us who love to garden, what will we plant? What do we want to see grow?

For me, personally, I find myself thinking about my grandmother. I am from a Ukrainian family by blood. I have clear memories of standing in my grandmother’s house in springtime, looking out the front door and watching the kids play in the park across the street. I remember this time with love and find myself praying for peace and thinking about the seeds we plant.

For this month’s blog, I would like to offer you a prayer that reflects my thoughts and feelings. So, from my heart to yours…


In our lives, dear God, we’ve heard the message that just like healing, peace is an inside job. We know that war is the same. The attempt to conquer is seeded by fear. It is the absence of peace in our individual selves. Unfinished business. Old trauma.

In our prayers for the people of Ukraine, we pray not just for those that are suffering but ask for the seeds of peace to be planted inside those that wish to conquer.

We see through your eyes, the wonder and beauty of life.

We feel through our connection with you, the importance of coming to terms with old fear and recognizing what has been planted and could be planted in our lives, a gift or curse of free will.

We hear through your ears, the cries for help and hear them answered.

We choose through our awareness of your goodness, actions that lead us to planting the seeds of peace through our own lives.

In these moments of connection with you, we say thank you.

We say, Amen.




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