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I Can't Take the Smile off my Face!

This fall has been filled with a LOT of life lessons! In thinking about what I want to share with you this month, I’ve decided to give you a little peek into my personal life and the wisdom I’ve gained recently.

Before I begin, let me say this, I can’t take the smile off my face! I feel like a changed person!

Here’s why… a few months ago, I learned that I was born with a hole in my heart. For 57 years, I lived with a birth defect that I didn’t know about. Often, I wondered why I felt winded and out of shape, even when I wasn’t.

This year, I decided that it was time to devote more energy into my own self-care. (Yes, those of us in the healing field, must make sure we “walk our talk!”) In pursuit of answers, the needs of my heart became front and center in my awareness.

After a series of visits with two cardiologists, one who was specially trained in closing up the hole, and the other guiding me through the overall care of my heart, I was able to have a procedure that covered the hole without my chest being surgically opened.

Now when I take a breath, I feel the energy of life coursing through me so much faster than ever before... and the level of gratitude I feel simply skyrockets! And, with this gratitude comes my fierce desire to share the wisdom that I have gained from this experience and others.

Just for now, I will share this… sometimes, we go through life fighting instead of flowing. We feel like life is working against us. We feel like we want to give up because we are so tired of fighting. In our fatigue, we want to simply accept what feels unacceptable. But what are we missing when we do this?

I’ve learned that when I am fighting something, I need to stop “fighting” and start asking questions. In my desire to address the physical issues I was facing, I decided to not just accept what was happening. I decided that even if I didn’t like what I learned, I needed to ask. I needed to be persistent. I needed to hold the energy of resolution firm in my vision (something that is hard to do when you are engaged in fighting). And… my clients, my friends… I got it!

Each morning when I open my eyes and take a deep breath, I can feel the joy in my blood moving quickly and efficiently throughout my body. And, as I shared in the opening of this newsletter, I can’t take the smile off my face!

If there is something you are fighting, take a break if at all possible. Step back and ask what this difficulty is there to show you. Believe it or not, curiosity provides far more remedies than most realize.

Take care of you. Let your curiosity lead you to a sweeter place in your life.




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