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Embracing Love & Loss: A Personal Share from My Heart to Yours

As we move past Mother’s Day, I find myself filled with memories and emotions. Losing a loved one is never easy, and the imminent loss of my mother, who has been diagnosed with Stage IV cancer and given a painful prognosis, brings its own unique set of heartaches and lessons.


As a psychic medium, I have navigated through the celestial realms of connection and communication, but nothing quite prepares you for the personal journey of grief intertwined with love.


The Essence of My Mother

What I love most about my mom is her youthful spirit. Her childlike joy manifests in the smallest details—like her choice of Scooby Doo pajamas and bunny slippers. Her playfulness brings light to even the darkest days and has always been a source of laughter and joy for our family.

Cherished Memories

My mother has been my steadfast companion in life. From playing in the pool with me when I was a kid; taking our annual summer trips to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and Frankenmuth; and having her accompany me to Chicago (as I do readings) for the last 28 years; she has been a constant presence. These memories are treasures of the heart that I carry with me.


Her comforting presence during times of teenage drama, and her patient ear during my life’s trials, underscore the depth of her love and understanding. As I reflect on these moments, I am reminded of how she has always been there to pick me up and dust me off, no matter the circumstance.


Growth Through Challenges

Our relationship, like any, has had its challenges. Our temperaments (at times) have differed —I am quick and can be impatient, while she embodies patience itself. Over time, we have found a middle ground, learning from each other and adjusting our rhythms to match.


Initially skeptical of my career as a psychic medium, my mother grew to embrace my profession. Her curiosity about heavenly influences and her inquiries about my late father, who passed last September, have deepened our bond, making it even more precious in these fragile times.


Impact of Her Diagnosis

Her diagnosis has intensified my sensitivities as a medium. The shared tears and the whispered admissions of not wanting to part from each other have been profoundly moving.


I feel a deep honor in supporting her through this journey, learning about the nuances of loss, presence, and unconditional love firsthand. It is a painful privilege to be with her, to comfort her, and to share in these final moments.


Living With Loss

The impact of watching her strength weaken and her vibrant spirit dim is indescribable. We find moments of joy, like when I push her on a rolling chair in the kitchen so she can wash her hands—small islands of normalcy and laughter in the vast sea of our changing reality.


As her light fades ever so slowly, so does a part of my soul; yet, in this darkness, I also find a profound connection to the core of human experience—love, loss, and the intricate dance between the two.


A Parting Thought

As I prepare to send this message to you, my clients, and friends, I share not just my sorrow, but also the beauty and depth that come from loving deeply.


We are all on a journey, each path sprinkled with its own set of challenges and blessings. Through my readings and connections, I aim to offer comfort and understanding, perhaps now with a deeper resonance having walked this path with my mother.


In sharing my heart with you, I hope to offer a space where we can all acknowledge our vulnerabilities and find strength in them. This journey with my mother, filled with the anticipation of loss, teaches me every day about the power of presence and the unbreakable bond of love.


I am so grateful for the thousands of times my clients and friends like you have allowed me to share your journey. And, I thank you all for sharing this part of my journey with you.


With Love,



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