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Do You Feel Grounded? Why Does it Matter? The Sacred Experience of Feeling Grounded

When you’ve endured harsh losses and had painful experiences, it can be difficult to feel grounded, meaning present in your body and connected with the earth.

Feeling grounded allows you to feel centered and balanced. When you aren’t grounded, you may find yourself being highly reactive and feeling like a leaf in the wind, just hanging on. In this month’s newsletter, I would like to offer you some insight on grounding and more specifically, sacred grounding.

When you aren’t grounded, it is likely that you will find yourself living with bad habits, such as... not eating; over-eating; self-sabotaging; not feeling good enough; degrading yourself; making poor life choices.

So, what causes a person to not feel grounded?

While harsh losses and painful experiences almost always cause a disconnection, what really disconnects you from feeling present in your body and connected to the earth, is an unwillingness to let go, to forgive, to accept what has happened, to take action where you can. It isn’t possible to see the possibilities ahead when you just keep looking back.

How do you get grounded?

There are many ways to get grounded quickly… simple actions such as putting your hands in water, breathing deeply, moving your body, or taking a short walk, are all effective ways to shift your attention into the present moment.

What about sacred grounding?

Sacred grounding requires more time and focus and includes a purposeful emotional and spiritual component. Meditation, hypnosis, yoga, journaling, play, art therapy, music therapy are all methods for grounding that create a space for sacred connection and sacred grounding. When I do sacred Soul Grounding readings, I’m listening and channeling information that will help you create these opportunities for yourself. Whether you choose a psychic reading, mediumship reading, past life regression or hypnosis, each method of connection we have, will open up your awareness of how you can experience sacred grounding within yourself.

Feeling grounded creates so much more space for joy, for love, for opportunities to experience your best life. Though we all will, at some point, experience harsh losses and painful moments, we can still choose to ground ourselves and experience the beauty of life.

Remember that you are at the helm …. and life is meant to be lived and celebrated… right here, right now.


April 2021 Special: Soul Grounding Session/Reading

I am offering a special 15% OFF Soul Grounding Session during the month of April. As referenced above, you get to choose how we will focus during the session.

Because so many of you choose the Soul Clearing Reading last month, I've extended that offering at 10% OFF as well and you will see this listed on the services available.

Happy April to all of you! Feel the blessings I extend to each and every one of you. You make it possible for me to follow my heart and offer my services and I am most grateful!




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