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Communicating with Your Pets

Recently I was talking to a client, and she asked me, rather shyly, if I could do a reading to help her with one of her animals. Though I haven’t ever actively promoted my services as a pet psychic, it isn’t at all uncommon for animals (here on this side and on the other side) to come through during a reading. In fact, just a day before I received this client’s question, I had another client whose reading included insight into a situation with her horse.

Though animal readings have never been my focus, I do know that readings can prove instrumental in fostering a deeper bond between pet owners and their companions. Given the communication barriers that exist, it can sometimes be really challenging to know what your pet is feeling, and I’ve seen readings be effective in bridging that gap. Gaining insight into the complex emotions of our fur loves offers crucial insights into pet behavior and can help interpreting signs of anxiety, depression, or physical discomfort.

Communicating with pets that have passed on can also be highly therapeutic, aiding the grieving process by relaying messages of love and closure from pets in the afterlife. Readings can also help support the introduction of new pets into a household, acknowledging potential conflict and helping to navigate these situations smoothly.

Here is an excerpt from the email I received after the reading… It really touched my heart and I hope that it reinforces the fact that you can always feel safe asking me what might seem like unusual questions.

“I want to thank you Donna for helping me better understand our cat, Lil’ Bit. He has been so persistent in the past several months, always insisting that everything be on his terms. He has always been such a loving cat and he just hasn’t seemed like himself. Though I gave you almost no information about him (not even that he was a cat!), everything you said was so spot on and so helpful. We knew he was very sensitive, but we didn’t realize how abandoned he has felt since several of our animals have passed on. We also didn’t know that he had health issues that needed to be addressed. We are handling his care very differently because of your reading. There is no doubt that the quality of Lil’ Bit’s life is already improving because of your help. Again, we thank you most sincerely. How you knew so much about him and what was going on with him still blows our minds. What a gift you have!” – M.B.




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