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Autumn Messages & The Ghosts of the Past

Can you imagine what would happen if the trees never let go of their leaves? If they did their dance of changing colors in the autumn and then simply refused to let go? The wind could howl, while they held tight, grabbing branches in fear. The heavy snow and ice could lay on their backs, breaking down their substance, while they fought back, unwilling to release themselves to places unknown. New leaves would attempt to break through as the spring burst forth, only to be blocked from blooming.

Like the ghosts of the past, gone yet still living inside of our psyches, we have those dead leaves inside of us. Those parts of us whose origins are old wounds born from painful experiences. Those memories that inform us, make us feel defensive, not trusting life enough to let something new come through.

Sadly, those old wound stories often narrate our current lives, triggering fear, breaking down the substance of life, and the possibilities that await their turn to be realized.

Though these ghosts are not people haunting us, they feel like it. When we become aware of this, it is time to pay attention. Look at the ghosts. Decide what is real and what may have been in days gone by, but isn’t anymore. Acknowledge that the ghosts of your past are impacting your growth.

Admittedly letting go CAN be hard. Our patterns of behavior become ingrained into our way of life. But this doesn’t mean you can’t do it. The reality is… you have to choose it and then allow it. Allow the “fall.” Be patient for new opportunities. Let growth “spring” forth.

What was, doesn’t dictate what is, or what will be. Be like the beautiful surrendering leaves.


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