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5 Ways You Can Make the Most of Your Psychic/Medium Reading

I experience a great deal of empathy in my work. I feel the longing and discontent of those that are lonely, the noise of those confused, the profound sadness of those who have lost a loved one, and everything in between. Though the information I share is often well received and appreciated, it isn’t always easy to provide exactly what my client wants. The person I read plays a part in the experience. My job is to open myself up, allow the visions I see to come through, and listen for the people who want to connect to be heard.

As the years have passed and the number of readings I’ve done have now exceeded the thousands, I’ve recognized how important it is for me to share with others how they can make the most of a reading. Here are the 5 most helpful:

1. Relax, Take Some Deep Breaths It is common to feel some anticipation before a reading begins. Emotions can run high, especially when loss, grief, confusion, or anxiety is present. At the beginning of the reading, takes some deep breaths. Inhale deeply (through your nose when possible) and exhale slowly through your mouth. If you need my help with this, let me know. As a trained hypnotherapist and counselor, I am accustomed to helping others relax.

2. Be Conscious of Your Energetics We are all made of vibrational energy. You, me, and those who are on the other side, too. When we are skeptical, distrustful, or distracted, our vibrational energy can be tight and tense. When we relax, let go, and let ourselves open up, our vibrational energy becomes more fluid and easier to move with. If you are receiving a mediumship reading, the chances of the person you want to connect with coming through is higher when your energy is relaxed and open. The same holds true for psychic readings, clearer energy results in clearer vision for me as a reader.

3. Keep an Open Mind When clients decide to come in for a reading, they almost always come with expectations. When those expectations are loud and you are waiting to hear a specific response to a question, you may miss the insight that is being provided to you. I’ve had several clients who made the time to listen to the recording of their readings after the initial session and make new discoveries when they listened again a second time. Keeping an open mind not only gives you greater access to the information the Universe wants to give you, it also helps me gain greater access.

4. Interact & Acknowledge. This tip is a big one. When I first start a reading, I will often ask my client to say their name so that I can jump into their vibration and energetic space. Sometimes I get information quickly, other times it comes in fragments. I am always grateful to clients who are patient and who give me 5-10 minutes to connect in. When questions come in too fast, I can sometimes end up feeling around ‘in the dark” and it takes longer to get tuned in.

That being said, I want you to interact with me as I get moving. When I ask if what I’m saying makes sense to you, please say “yes” or “no” – no explanations or insights – just acknowledgement is really helpful. Before the close of the reading, when I ask if you have questions, if you have them, please ask them. If our time is running short, I’ll share what I’m seeing still, just in less detail.

5. Balancing Listening & Sharing Sometimes my clients will share long stories and use a portion of our time together to talk to me. While I always want to listen and be present for you, I am best able to give you a thorough reading when you interact with me in short exchanges, with simple acknowledgements.

After the reading, I love hearing your thoughts. It is truly helpful to me to receive your feedback. And, I sincerely appreciate online reviews when you are willing to share them. I, too, tend to depend on reviews when making my buying decisions. Clients who provide an online review also receive a $10.00 off discount coupon. You can use it for yourself or give it to a friend.

I am hopeful that this insight will be helpful to you. In an upcoming reading you may receive these tips again, as I’ve decided to make them more visible to my clients.

Know that I appreciate our connection very much. I often tell people that I have the best clients in the world!




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